Create Dynamic Location Based Geo Targeted Images, Content & Redirects For Your Website

Get Visitor Country, Region & City Using State Of The Art IP To Location Technology




Geo Images

Deliver dynamic geo targeted images that automatically change based on visitor location. Perfect for banners and advertisements.

Geo Content

Create dynamic content including images, videos, rich text & HTML that automatically change based on visitor location.

Geo Redirects

Redirect your visitors to meaningful URL’s based on their location. Perfect for global companies and for location blocking.


Geo Javascript

Use javascript functions to obtain a visitor’s country, state or city direct in your website’s HTML for ultimate geographical customization.

Geo PopUps

Create geo targeted popups that automatically appear based on visitor location. Perfect for catching attention based on visit location.

Geo Bars

Add a dynamic notification bar that alters itself based on visitor location. Great addition for local marketing.

Geo location for websites made absolutely easy !
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Incredibly accurate location data, down to city level



Accurate IP to Location

Geolify utilizes state of the art IP to location technology to accurately determine visitor location down to a city level.

No Coding Required

Our platform is design to allow you to integrate our services with absolutely no coding making it simple for anyone to use.

No Databases Required

There is no requirement for complex IP to location database installations to your server. Geolify handles everything.


CDN / Proxy Friendly

Our technology has the ability to request and determine the true client IP address from a range of Content Delivery Networks and Proxies.

Cloud Computing

Geolify's servers are super fast and process both location determination and content delivery minimizing your server load.

SSL Compatible

Our secure server enables you to utilize our Geo Targeting services on SSL 'https' domains without any security issues.

Geo targeting will maximise your conversion rate & boost ROI


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Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting also known as geo location based targeting is the process of targeting website visitors based on their geo location i.e. country, state, region, city, postal code and so on. Geo targeting has become a widely used technique in web marketing and advertising today as it greatly helps to increase conversion rate on websites. This is primarily because geo targeted web content is more relevant to a website visitor making it easier for the content to attract a visitor’s attention and in turn convert the visitor into a click or sale.

Geolify was developed with one aim in mind, to make geo targeting for website as easy and seamless as possible so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this amazing marketing technique even if they have little or no coding experience. The entire process of accurately finding out a visitor’s location from their IP address to delivering location based images, content and url redirects on a website can be done in a few simple steps with Geolify.

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