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Redirect your website visitors by IP geo location

Create IP geo location based smart links, content & popups


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Geo Redirects

Automatically redirect website visitors to URLs based on their geolocation. Great for TLD redirection between websites.

Geo Links

Create dynamic links that can change based on geo location. Perfect for affiliate links that are location dependent.

Geo Content

Use our WYSIWYG editor to create dynamic HTML content that automatically changes based on visitor geolocation.

Geo Popups

Create popups that automatically appear based on visitor geolocation. Great for grabbing attention of local visitors.

Geo Bars

Add a dynamic notification bar on the top of your website that alerts visitors based on geolocation. Great for local marketing.

Geo Images

Easily deliver dynamic geo targeted images that automatically change based on visitor geolocation. Perfects for ad banners.

Geo Javascript

Use JavaScript functions to obtain visitor country, state, city and lat/long in your website’s HTML for ultimate customization.

Geo Block

Quickly block visitors from certain location around the world from accessing your website by redirecting them elsewhere.

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Geo Targeting Made Easy

Non Intrusive IP Geolocation

Determine visitor location seamlessly without requesting for visitor's permission.

Powerful Location Segmentation

Define target geo segments by including and excluding countries, states, cities & lat/long/radius.

No Coding Required

Use our intutive visual dashboard to setup and control your geo targeting services.

Platform Compatibility

Simple one line javascript integration for maximum browser and platform compatibility