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8 Ways Geo Targeting Can Help An E-Commerce Store

Geo targeting is an excellent tool for webmasters running an online store. There are plenty of benefits of using geo targeting in an ecommerce environment to increase sales from customers and improve overall business profits. If you haven’t heard of what is geo targeting all about, I will give you a brief breakdown.


Geo targeting Is the process of delivering localized i.e. geolocation based content to your website visitors. In other words, geo targeting involves determining the exact country, state or city of your visitors and dynamically tailoring content on your website to be more meaningful to your visitor’s geolocation. Geo targeting can also involve redirecting your visitor’s to certain pages of you website, depending on their geolocation.


All in all, geo targeting transforms your website to suit the local customer. The benefits of this is immense and below are just a few imaginative examples of how geo targeting can be used in today’s ecommerce online stores.



Display free shipping banners to your local customers.

Let’s say you run an online store in Los Angeles city. Now obviously it is costs much less to deliver goods from your online store to customers in Los Angeles or say in the state of California overall compared to other US states. However your online store is so excellent, that you get customers buying products from all over the United States. What if you could take serious advantage of your local Los Angeles customers while not disturbing sales from customers in other US states? Geo targeting is your answer. A simple example would be to display a free shipping coupon only to visitors from California. This can easily be achieved using Geolify’s ‘Geo Content’ tool where you can display banners on your website only to visitors from a certain country and state. Just think of how this can improve your conversion rate for Californian’ customers. As soon as they see a free shipping coupon, the chance of them carrying out a sale will quadruple.


Display store address to your local customers

One excellent example of utilizing dynamic geo targeted content is the display of nearest store address to your customer. Most websites ask for visitors to enter post code to determine nearest store. However with today’s IP technology, say bye to manual post code entry. Now, geo targeting can be used to determine the exact city or suburb of a visitor and automatically display the nearest store address to the visitor. This is even excellent for international websites who own stores or service centre’s in different countries. Why would you ever want to clutter your visitor with unnecessary information. Why would you visitor even bother about service centre’s outside their location. By displaying only relevant information to your visitor, you can greatly improve surfing experience and in turn customer satisfaction. Geolify is a perfect tool to help your website display different address to customers from different locations.


Display location specific offers using a single banner to save web space

Your home page or your landing page is the single most important page of your website. Not sure if you have read today’s statistics, but it only takes about 2 to 3 seconds to catch the attention of a visitor once they jump onto a website. This means, to be successful today, you have to do your absolute best to attract your customers attention in the least amount of time. An important part of this, is to reduce the amount of irrelevant content displayed to your visitor. To make a visitor continue surfing or even considering your website, you have to maximise space utilization on your website to display only content that is highly relevant to them. Utilizing dynamic geo targeted content, you can dynamically in real time vary or rotate content on your website based on visitor location. For example, a single banner on your home page can dynamically be changed to display content suited to the visitors location. By doing this you don’t have to display separate content for visitors from different countries. Using a single piece of content that can change in real time will maximise your web space helping you to utilize more space on your website for important information. Overall this geo targeting technique will improve customer interaction and retention.


Change pricing based on visitor country

Running a global / international store can be challenging when it comes to getting product pricing right. Often it makes more sense to charge different product pricing to customers form different countries. For example if you are selling a software online, to increase sales in Asian countries, you will definitely have to have a difference price point compared to Western customers due to the exchange rate and the spending capability of the customer. Getting pricing correct for different countries can have a vast impact on your sales. If you are international store, it is important to take advantage of the spending capability of your visitors to generate increased sales and maximise revenue. Geo targeting pricing is an excellent way to achieve this. Geolify’s geo javascripts can be used to add multiplication factors to your store’s pricing depending on visitor country.


Change language based on visitor country

Geo targeting scripts are very useful for automatically changing language of website depending on the visitors country. Rather than the visitor selecting language, why not get it automatically changed making the visitor’s surfing experience much more enjoyable. Geolify’s geo targeting scripts can easily be used to integrated into your language translator to automatically change website language.


Change tax rates based on visitor country

Altering tax rates on an online store can be a prime factor in driving international sales or sales outside your state/country. You only have seconds to convince a visitor to make a purchase. If you display pricing to visitors with tax included who will not be paying this tax because they are overseas, then you automatically lose out. Think of the big price advantage you will get if you drop tax of all your prices to international customers. Geolify’s ‘Geo Java’ tool can easily be used to integrated into your shopping cart’s price delivery system to help it switch taxes automatically to visitors from various states or countries. Never would they have to add to cart first and choose their location. Everything is dynamic with geo targeting.


Display Google Ads to visitors outside your delivery zone and to spammers

Not sure if you have thought of this one. I am sure there are some smart people out there who have put their minds out and said, hey – what If I could display Google Ads or Yahoo Ads to visitors who will never make a purchase from my store i.e. visitors outside your shipping zone or even spammers who want to supply you with products. As an online store webmaster, I am sure you have hundreds of manufacturers from other countries hovering your website to see what products they could supply you. What if you displayed Ads to all these 10-15% of non customers? What you get is a brand new revenue stream from doing nothing at all. Geolify can help you display Ads on your website to all visitors who don’t fall in your shipping zone hence helping you to generate additional income from ads without affecting your standard customer base at all.


Change type of products displayed depending on visitor location

Altering the type of products display to a customer on a website is a widely used technique by many large online retailers that deliver nation wide. To give you an excellent example, take a clothing store that delivers to customers in the USA. Because the country spans close to the equator and the northern hemisphere, it can experience two types of climates at once. The northern part of USA will be cold and the southern states for instance Florida will enjoy a warmer climate. Now, doesn’t it make perfect sense to display winter wear clothing to northern states and summer wear clothing to southern states. Think about it, why would visitors from Florida even bother looking at your website if the home page display sweaters and boots. Geo targeting content for this purpose is an excellent example of how you can dynamically vary content depending on visitor location. Using Geolify, you can determine visitor geolocation and deliver tailored content to particular states in a country.


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