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Geo Targeted Location Based Ads

Ever had a website that has very useful content targeted to an audience in one particular country but find that you have massive amounts of traffic from visitors in other countries? A perfect example is an e-commerce store that offers products for sale in one country only but with plenty of useful product information, blogs and FAQs that it website attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.


These overseas visitors are wasted because they will not make a purchase since the store does not deliver overseas. Now how can you turn this wasted audience into cash? Geo targeting is your answer. Just image if you could turn on Google Ads, Yahoo Ads or Amazon Ads throughout your e-commerce store for only overseas visitors.


There you have it, an un-obstructive method of generation an additional income stream from nothing at all. This method of dynamically geo targeting ads is becoming a frequent practice as it enables a business to tap into hidden income sources and increase overall profits.


This method is extremely useful for making cash from ‘spam’ visitors who are hovering around your website for no reason but to spam your email trying to sell you their products. Why not take advantage and turn spam visitors to cash.


Geolify web software is perfectly designed for you to achieve geo targeted dynamic ads. Utilizing our Geo Java script, you can create a piece of code in your website that engulfs the java code from Google ads, Yahoo ads etc that will only activate / display these ads when a visitor is located outside your chosen country, state or city.


You can also redirect visitors to another part of your website or another website alltogether based on their geolocation. You can then place ads in the other website which unwanted traffic will be diverted to.


Geolify utilizes IP intelligence technology to extract the IP address of your visitor to determine their exact geolocation. By obtaining visitor geolocation, Geolify can then activate any type of content that you wish, in this case Ads to only visitors from a certain location or outside a chosen location.


The cost of geo targeting ads is much less than the overall income generated from the impressions you will receive and the standard internet ads conversion rate. This at the end of the day results in an overall profit. Sign up to Geolify today and drop us a message with your dynamic location based ads query and we will help you get going.


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