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Being Local – A simple way to lower bounce rates and increase conversion

I have run a few e-commerce websites in the past and realised quickly that people like to buy from others that are located close to them. This is because it builds trust with a user knows you are located nearby.

Let’s look at an example. Say you are living in Germany and are currently searching for a job. You come across a job site with the following tag line:

“Europe’s #1 Online Job Searching Platform”

You will likely be interested and read a bit further, seeing what the site has to offer. You decide to move on and have a look at another website now. This one reads

“Germany’s #1 Online Job Searching Platform”

As a person living in Germany, there is a much higher chance you are going to believe that the content on this website is going to be significantly more relevant to you. As a result, you are more likely to engage with the content and stay on the site for longer.

The very simply fact is being local builds trust. This simple trick can be applied to many different situations. While this isn’t applicable to everyone, it works well for websites that involve selling a product or providing a service that is determined by the user’s location.


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