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Creating A Geo Targeted Location Based Banner Advertisement

Geo targeted based advertising banners that change depending on visitor geolocation is perfect method of attracting the attention of local visitors that your business can provide services for.

When a visitor jumps onto a website and sees instantly that you can offer a service in his/her location or for example deliver products quickly to his/her location, the trust the visitor has in your website automatically sky rockets hence enabling your conversion rate to increase.

Creating geo targeted banners i.e. a banner that is only displayed when a visitor is from a particular location is easy as 1,2,3 with Geolify’s ‘Geo Image’ Tool.

If the visitor is from the specified location, Geolify will automatically activate your banner and display it to the visitor. If the visitor is not from the specified location, you can choose to display an alternative banner or display nothing at all.


Outlined below are the steps required to display a Geo Targeted banner using Geolify:

  1. Sign up for Geolify
  2. Add a new ‘Geo Image’ service
  3. Enter the website address the banner will be displayed on
  4. Specify a default image url to display if the visitor is not geo targeted
  5. Add as many geo targeted images as you wish, each attached to a specific location segement
  6. Get your one line javascript code and paste it into your website’s HTML BODY where you want the banner to appear

There you have it, accurate Geo Targeted banners in less than 10 steps


A perfect example of a Geo Targeted banner:

Lets say you run a restaurant that has two branches, one in New York and one in California. Lets say your New York branch is offering a special deal currently for burgers and your California branch is offering a special deal for steaks. Your restaurant website, gets plenty of visitors from both New York and California, however there is absolutely no point in displaying the steak deal to New Yorkers as it is completely irrelevant to them. Also it would be waste of space if you had to display both deals to every customer.

Now imagine you can make use of the power of Geo Targeted banners from Geolify. You can create two separate banners that are targeted to the two states. If a visitor from New York comes to your website, he/she will only be displayed the burger deal. See the power of Geo Targeting!


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