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Change Content Depending On Visitor IP Address

Dynamic web content that changes based on visitor IP address is one of today’s single most effective marketing techniques used especially in e-commerce type websites or websites that target specific countries or cities.

Marketing today is more about being local and being close to your customer. The closer to your customer, the more the customer seeks to use your business to provide services as they feel they can reach out to you easily.

Geolify is a prefect tool to help you design and implement dynamic content on your website that can change depending on the geolocation of your visitor. You can create any type of HTML content being images, rich text, tables etc directly on Geolify’s ‘Geo Content’ service and then tag it to display only when a visitor is from a chosen country, state or city. You can also design content that can be displayed when the visitor is not from the chosen location.

Once you design and tag geotargeted content, Geolify will provide you with a simple one line Javascript code that you can paste into your website’s HTML at the location you would like the geo targeted content to appear.


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