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Page Views

Page Views & Credits

Page views are basically page views. Each time a page running Geolify’s service is viewed by a visitor, one page view is deducted.

For our standard accuracy service, 1 credit = 1 page view.

Note that even if a visitor is not targeted in a location segment, a page view will be deducted as Geolify still has to find out the visitor’s location in the first place.

Low Page Views Alert

An email alert can be sent out when your account page views drops below a certain threshold.

This threshold can be set in the Geolify Dashboard.

The threshold must large enough to provide a day or two worth of page viewa that your website consumes as our system only processes low alerts every 24 hours.

For example if you consume 2000 page viewa a day and your low alert is 1000 page viewa, you will not get an alert. The threshold must be set to 3000 or even better 5000 to be safe.

Buying Page Views

Page views can be purchased by logging into the Geolify Dashboard.

A number of prepaid pay as you go packages are available, please see pricing model.

Payment can be made using PayPal or a credit card through the PayPal system.