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IP to Location

IP to location technology is a method of using an IP address to determine visitor location by matching it against an IP to location database.


Geolify utilizes IP to location technology to obtain visitor geo location data hence making the process of geo targeting visitors ‘non-intrusive’ i.e. not requiring visitors to acknowledge their location is being tracked.


Our service has an approximate accuracy below in the United States and other major countries:

-          Country level: 99%

-          State-Region level: 85%

-          City level: 75%

It is important to realize this accuracy can vary from time to time and IP to location technology cannot be used to pin point the exact location of a visitor similar to a GPS sensor.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices unlike fixed desktop routers are harder to locate via their IP addresses due to them being passed through cell towers which may be located some distance away from the mobile phone itself. Hence it is important to note accuracy on a city level for mobile devices may be compromised.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

If your website is served through a CDN, Geolify will request from the CDN the true client IP address to ensure the location data obtained is not of the CDN but the actual visitor. A list of headers we request for can be found below: HTTP_CLIENT_IP HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR HTTP_X_FORWARDED HTTP_X_CLUSTER_CLIENT_IP HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR HTTP_FORWARDED REMOTE_ADDR