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Figuring out the fastest way to double your website revenue

Over the years, I’ve asked myself the question, what would I need to do in order for me to double the revenue I am currently earning? Well often I’ve concluded its rather straight forwards, either I double the number of visitors I get or I can double my conversion rate.

If you are someone whose site brings in 10,000 visitors a day and has a conversion rate of 1%, most likely the fastest way to double your revenue would be to double your conversion rate. This is because increasing your conversion rate to 2% is most likely going to be much easier than figuring out how to get another 10,000 people to your website.

The focus on this article is more about increasing your conversion rate as that is what our tool Geolify will help you achieve. There are plenty of ways to increase your conversion rate and one of them is by creating a website with more personalized content. To do this you need some information in real-time about the person visiting your website.

One such piece of information readily available in the digital age is a visitors geolocation. Below are 2 simple ways you can use geo targeting to increase your conversion rate and potentially double it

  1. If your website tagline contains a location, for example “America’s best bodybuilding store”, change the location in the tagline to be dynamic based on a users location. This gives the impression that your website is local and hence will build more trust with the user. Naturally this will drive conversion rates up
  2. Use geo-targeting to display more relevant information to your users. For example if you operate in multiple locations each with their own email or phone number, you can change the phone number / email displayed based on the user’s geolocation. This will ensure users are more engaged with your content and can find what they are looking for.

This is just the beginning, there are plenty of other creative ways you can utilize geo targeting to engage your visitors, build more trust and drive up your conversion rates.


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