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Today we will be explaining the terminology ‘geolocation’ along with the methods to obtain the geolocation of a visitor and how it can greatly improve a website’s conversion rate.

What is Geolocation?

The term ‘geolocation’ is a short form for ‘geographical location’ which simply means the precise location of something in the world. This location comprises of information such as the country, state, city, zip code and even longitude / latitude.

In the world wide web, the ‘geolocation’ of a visitor is a very important parameter as it can help website owners tailor content to suit the location of the visitor hence improving their browsing experience as the visitors are able to relate much more to the tailored content.

How To Get Geolocation Of A Visitor

When a person accesses the world wide web, they are accessing information through a router connected to their network provider. This router has a unique address known as an IP address. Unique being one of a kind which has no duplicates. If the location of the router is known and the IP address is known, then we can easily relate the visitor’s IP address to their location.

Uses of Geolocation

Obtaining visitor geolocation data can provide extremely useful benefits and advantages to a website. Geolocation is a widely used visitor parameter today in almost all big websites out there. Some examples include

Using visitor geolocation to redirect the visitor to another website that has content more tailored to the visitor’s location. For example if you visit and you are from Australia, you automatically get redirected to The same goes if you are from France, you will get automatically redirected to This redirection based on geo location is also known as ‘geo redirection’. It is widely used by big global organisations to redirect their main .com domain to local country based domains.

Using visitor geolocation to block visitors from certain locations from accessing a website. This is another from of ‘geo redirection’ which websites can use to block visitors from a certain region by redirecting them away from their website. If you have a website that is tailored to the United States for example and you want to block unnecessary spammers from other countries, then ‘geo blocking’ by ‘geo redirecting’ is a perfect tool.

Using a visitors geolocation to display location relevant content is one of today’s top method of improving the conversion rate or click through rate of a visitor. You will find today if you visit websites, the adverts are more tailored towards your city or country. Have you visited youtube and seen most of the in video ads to do with businesses in your country? This is a perfect example of delivering geo targeted content also known as ‘geo content’. Some other examples include automatically altering phone numbers, currency rates, tax rates and shipping costs based on a visitors location. How about displaying coupon offers tailored to a visitors city if you own a chain of restaurants around the country?

Advantages Of Geo Location

Utilizing the geolocation of a visitor to tailor content and redirect users to appropriate urls have been proven to be one of the top methods of converting a visit to a sale or a click through. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. Geolocating content to a visitor simply improves trust and makes the content much more relevant to a visitor. The more relevant the content, the greater the chance the visitor will check it out.

Geolocation can also prove to drastically improve visitor browsing experience by adapting a website to make it more relevant to their location. How good is it when a website you visit automatically takes you to their pages that are applicable to your location and automatically changes currency and shipping rates to suit you. Geolocation can reduce a visitors hops to get where they need and as a result improves their experience on a website, which is highly important in improving return of investment.




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