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Geo Targeted Affiliate Links

Geo targeted affiliate links are basically smart URL links that can redirect traffic based on IP geolocation.

Why geo targeted affiliate links?

Successful affiliate marketing is all about increasing conversion rate of product pages and ensuring that visitors are shown highly relevant content that can convince them on the first go. When affiliate marketing products especially physical products that are purchased from e-commerce stores, it is highly important to ensure visitors are sent to the correct store based on their geolocation.

A classic example is when an affiliate marketer is promotion a product on Amazon that can be purchased by anyone around the world. Naturally, it would make sense if the purchase is made from the country specific Amazon store. For example if the visitor is from Canada, you would like to send them to, if the visitor is from United Kingdom, they would prefer to purchase from

To ensure conversion rate is maximized, it is highly important to send the visitor who clicks on your affiliate ad to the country specific Amazon store as this can have a big effect on whether the person will go ahead with the purchase. By sending the visitor to the country specific Amazon store, he/she is more ‘convinced’ as they know the product is available locally and the benefits of buying locally i.e. faster shipping or easier returns becomes existent.

Creating geo targeted links with Geolify

Geolify is a purpose built geo targeting SaaS and one of it’s core features is the ability to create and manage geo targeted links. Geolify’s Geo Link service can be used to quickly generate links that are geo smart and can redirect traffic to other URLs based on the visitor’s IP geolocation i.e. country, state, city or a boundary specified by a latitude, longitude and radius.

Below is a screen shot showing the process of creating a smart geo based link with Geolify:

Geo targeted affiliate links


How does the Geo Link service work?

Geolify’s Geo Link service is perfect for creating affiliate links that redirect visitors to a specific url based on their location. The Geo Link service will generate a unique smart link which when clicked will determine the visitor’s location and then based on the rules specified, it will redirect the visitor to an appropriate link.

The Geo Link service is seamless, hence when the visitor clicks on the Geo Link, it will take them to the correct location based link in a matter of milliseconds.


Geo Link targeting options

Geolify’s Geo Link service allows you to target your affiliate links by country, state, city, IP address and a boundary defined by latitude, longitude and radius. The great thing about Geolify’s location segmentation tool is it allows inclusion and exclusion rules which means you can easily include or exclude locations to build a complex location segment.

For example you can easily target all visitors in United States but outside California by simply including United States as as country and excluding California as a state as shown below:

+ Country[United States]

- State[California]

Using these options, you can build powerful geo targeted affiliate links to maximize your conversion rate.

Passing affiliate ID’s via a Geo Link

The great advantage of Geolify for creating affiliate links is the ability to include any type of URL in the redirect link. Hence you can redirect to a URL such as which contains a query parameter with an affiliate ID. This is key to all affiliate programs.


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