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Geo Targeting And Ad Space Maximization

A primary source of income for today’s websites is from displaying advertisements in the form of banners, images and text. Getting more people and businesses to advertise on your website is key to increasing your revenue. However you mind find that ad space on your website is limited because it is not sensible to flood your website with too many ads.


One way to get around this is to rotate or bid your ads from different advertisers so they all get a share of the ad space. This way you can sell advertising space to more advertisers and increase your revenue. These are commonly used methods by most websites.


More complex methods include using the visitor’s search term of how he/she landed on the website to dynamically tailor the advertisement to target the visitor. This is used by the big ad serving companies like Google. Have you ever noticed that the Google ads you see are always related to your search term?


Now putting that aside, you may not have heard of a newer method of maximising ad space. This is called geo targeting or location targeting. Basically with geo targeting, you can determine the location of the visitor to your website in terms of country, state or city and serve ads that are location specific.


For example, if you run a website that is a restaurant directory and have a single ad banner on the top, then you can geo target this ad banner so it only displays restaurant deals that are relevant to the visitor’s location. Why bother displaying a restaurant deal whereby the restaurant is not actually located in the visitor’s city?


By now I am sure you have an idea in the head where you can have multiple advertisers for one ad space based on the visitor location they are interested in targeting. This means you can sell more ads or charge even more for your ads, because they are highly targeted to your visitor’s and the conversion rate will be much higher. Now lets talk more about geo targeting and how you can achieve a geo targeted ad space on your website.


Geo targeting is the process of determining visitor location and delivering location based content to the visitor. This is done by extracting the IP address of the visitor and matching it up with a IP to location database that contains country, state and city information of the IP address.


Setting up geo targeting on your website is fairly complex as it involves database installation and development of an IP to location database along with a lot of php / java coding to achieve the result of rotating ads based on geo location.


Geolify is a specialized software to help achieve geo targeting on websites in the simplest manner with no requirement for IP to location database installations and a minimal amount of coding.


Using Geolify you can easily set up a dynamic geo targeted ad banner on your website that severs ads from various advertisers depending on the visitor’s location they intend to target their ad to. Try it out or get in touch with us to see how we can help you achieve your geo targeting goals.


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