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Geo Targeting Script

Geo targeting is the process of targeting a website visitor based on their geolocation. For example you can deliver various types of content on your website based on the visitor’s country. Geo targeting can be extremely useful in optimizing visitor conversion rate and in turn boost your website’s ROI.

To geo target your website, you will need a geo targeting script which is a script that converts a website visitor’s IP address to a geolocation. There are plenty of geo targeting scripts available on the internet that can do this for you, however most of them require a decent amount of coding knowledge and are not very accurate as they are free. The last thing you want is to utilize a geo targeting script that delivers an incorrect visitor geolocation.


Geolify’s Geo Targeting Scripts

Today we would like to introduce you to Geolify’s geo targeting scripts that you can easily utilize to obtain visitor geolocation data on your website and even deliver geo targeted content, images and URL redirects with a minimal amount of coding. We know how hard it is to implement other geo targeting scripts available on the internet. Once you implement them, actually utilizing the visitor geolocation data to deliver geo targeted content and redirects requires a vast amount of coding. Geolify on the other hand can do all this for your without the need for writing any complex scripts.


Geo Java Script

To begin with we will introduce our ‘Geo Java’ script which is a simple one line javascript request that you can place on your website to obtain visitor geolocation data such as the visitors country, state, city, longitude and latitude. This script is very useful if you just want to obtain pure visitor geolocation information in javascript form so you can utilize it to create custom functions for geo targeting your website.

The screen shot below shows Geolify’s ‘Geo Java’ script setup page.


geolify's geo targeting java script to get visitor location


Once you create a new ‘Geo Java’ script, you will be given a one line javascript code to paste in between your website’s HTML HEAD tags. An example of the script is below:


<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script>


Once you paste the above in your websites HEAD, you will be able to obtain visitor location simply by using the javascript functions below:






The great thing about Geolify unlike other geo targeting scripts is that our service will work with secure SSL websites. You will notice we provide two types of geo java scripts, one http and the other https for SSL websites. Other geo targeting scripts will simply stop working when used with an SSL website. If you have an ecommerce website with payment services, you will definitely require Geolify’s SSL geo targeting java script.

To give you an example of how your website HTML code should look like with Geolify’s geo java script, you can check out the screen shot below. Notice the script in the HEAD code. The script in the body code will simply display the text ‘Welcome Visitors From Country Name’ where the country name is the actual country name of the visitor.


how to use geolify's geo javascript in your websitr



Geo Content, Image & Redirect Geo Targeting Scripts


The three most common uses of geo targeting scripts are to:

-          Deliver targeted localized content in the form of text, paragraphs, images videos etc

-          Deliver targeted image based ads

-          Redirect visitors based on their geolocation to a different URL


With that in mind, Geolify has made all of the above possible for you to achieve without the need to actually write any code in your website. Geolify provides three separate scripts below for delivering geo targeted html content, geo targeted images and geo targeted url redirects.

Check out the screen shot below showing Geolify’s geo content script. You can basically configure the entire script in Geolify itself. The configuration process involves entering your domain name, designing your and assigning them to be active based on multiple visitor geolocations.


geolify's geo targeting content script to display dynamic geo targeted content


Once you complete the configuration all you need to do is copy and paste the geo targeting script into your website’s HTML for the dynamic localized content to be displayed.


Geolify’s geo targeting image and redirect script works in a similar manner with a similar configuration screen making it extremely simple to setup and implement without any complex coding.



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