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Geo Targeting Shipping Banners In Your Online Store

Geo targeting shipping banners in your online store is a great way to tap into local markets and increase sales.This article explains why this is the case and also provides you with information on how you can use geolocation to geo targeted your shipping banners.


I will start of with an example. Let us say you own a online clothes store that ships globally, however you store operates from the United States. Naturally the cost of shipping goods to customers within United States will be far less than shipping goods overseas to other countries.

Now the key here is website visitor’s these days have an extremely short attention span. You will need to convince them in a matter of seconds that they should be buying from your store.

One of the core methods of persuading customers to order from your online store is to offer them free shipping. In your case, this is a viable option for customers within the United States as it is cost effective to post within the country. Shipping overseas on the other hand is expensive and hence there is no possible way you can offer overseas customers free shipping.

The dilema here is you only have space to display one shipping banner, there is no point displaying one banner for local customers and one for overseas customers. It is just too confusing and can put customers off. As mentioned you need to display to them clearly what the shipping rate is.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can display a free shipping banner to visitor’s from the United States and another shipping banner or maybe nothing at all to overseas visitors?

This is known as geo targeting shipping banners and is an absolutely excellent way to take advantage of your local visitor’s without confusing overseas visitor’s or vice versa.


To geo target shipping banners to you will need the ability to geolocate your visitor’s. To do this you will need to extract the IP address of the visitor and run it through an IP to location database to determine their geolocation. You will then need to write some IF..THEN.. code to display a particular banner to particular visitors.

All this seems difficult and to be honest, it actually is. Accurate IP to location databases are expensive and developing code will cost you money.


Geolify is an excellent tool that can help you geo targeted shipping banners accurately and easily without any coding. In a matter of minutes you can setup a fully functional geo targeted shipping banner that automatically detects visitor geolocation and changes to suit.

Geolify provides an out of the box ‘Geo Image’ tool which basically changes images based on visitor location. This is absolutely perfect for geo targeted simple image banners. You basically tag images with country, state or city locations and paste one line of code in your website where you want he banner to appear. You can event tag multiple locations to a specific banner and there is no limit on the number of banners you can create.

So without any requirements to install an IP to location database or carry out any coding, you can have a functional geo targeted banner working on your website in under 10 minutes. Give Geolify a go today and you can certainly be guaranteed to improve your conversion rate.



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