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Geolify's Prepaid Impression Packs

Geolify’s prepaid impression packs are designed with simplicity and scalability in mind. Our prepaid packs are one off purchases that will reload your account with impressions.

There is no monthly or yearly expiry on the packs so you can use your purchased impressions till they are completely exhausted. Once exhausted, you can purchase another pack to keep your account active.

You may also purchase any size prepaid pack anytime. This means you can start off with a small pack now and as your website grows you can purchase a bigger pack. When you buy a new pack it will just add to the existing impressions in your account.

The bigger the impression back the lower the cost per impression helping you to save.

Each time a visitor visits a page of your website running our service, an impression will be deducted. This is because for each visit, our servers have to determine the visitor’s location and deliver content or redirects to your website.

Our impression packs are designed to suit small personal websites to large corporations with millions of visitors.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions relating to impressions.


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