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Improving Website Browsing Experience By Geotargeting

Geo targeting a website has many advantages however one of the key differences it can make is its ability to improve a visitors browsing experience.


As time ticks along, web pages in general have become more ‘dynamic’. Gone were the days of a purely static page with static text. With the power of javascript, jquery, html5 and many more technologies, the web is becoming a highly dynamic environment. Being dynamic opens an entire new world to web page design and more importantly it provides the ability for a web page to be ‘adaptive’.


Being adaptive is now the key to good web design and you can see it everywhere. All this for one main reason, to be able to deliver targeted and highly relevant information to web surfers.


The world is getting faster by the day. People’s attention spans are in the seconds now. You need to be able to convince a visitor in less than 3 seconds today to stick around your website. The more relevant content you can deliver in front of the visitors eyes the greater the chance of  you catching their attention allowing them to them stick around your website.


One successful method of delivering relevant personalized content is through geo targeting. In simple terms geo targeting can help a website deliver content that is specific to the visitor’s location. Being able to relate to a visitor by their location is one of the most convincing factors for a visitor to stay on a website as it gives them a feeling of being ‘near’


Improving browsing experience for a visitor is all about delivering only related content. Anything on a website that is not related to them will essentially hinder their experience and create an additional step in getting them closer to what they are looking for.


Below are some key examples of how large companies utilize geo targeting today to maximise their visitor browsing experience.

  • Displaying ads and offers that are relevant or close to the visitor’s location
  • Automatically showing shipping rates and discounts applicable to the visitors location
  • Showing prices in the currency applicable to the visitor’s country
  • Altering tax rates to suit the visitors country
  • Displaying products that can be shipped to the visitor’s region
  • Automatically redirecting visitors to a different URL that is more applicable to the visitors region


All of the above features achieved by geo targeting can make a visitors browsing experience seamless as it reduces the amount of doubt and steps taken for the visitor to acquire important information. The return on using geo targeting to improve visitor browsing experience is tremendous. The easier you make it for a visitor, the better the conversion rate and in turn your return on investment.


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