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IP Address Blocker

Blocking visitors with a certain IP addresses from accessing a website is a widely used method today for spam protection. Often websites receive thousands of spam visitors both human and robots that can chew up precious server resources as a result slowing down a website. Blocking the IP address of unwanted traffic can help divert traffic away from your website or even better divert traffic to another monetizing website of yours in order to create an additional income stream.

Why Is IP Blocking Useful?

Below are a few reasons why IP address blocking can be useful for your website:

-          Prevent spam reviews, emails and comments from being posted on your website

-          Prevent your competitors from viewing your website and copying your material

-          Prevent consumption of your servers resources from unwanted visitors

-          Prevent a certain group of visitors from utilizing your website as your services do not suit them

How To Block IP’s To Your Website

There are many tools and methods out there that can be used to block visitors with certain IP addresses from accessing your website. These can be complex and time consuming to implement and modify. Geolify’s ‘Geo Redirect’ tool on the other hand can help you block IP addresses to your website in just a few simple steps with a minimal amount of coding and access to your server back end. This makes it very useful for webmasters managing client websites where new IP addresses to be blocked can be managed from a single location rather than accessing the client’s server.

Using Geolify As An IP Blocker Tool

Take a look below at a screen shot of Geolify’s ‘Geo Redirect’ service that can be used to block IP multiple IP addresses to your website.


Using Geolify To Block IP Addresses


Here is a little bit of a breakdown on how to use Geolify as an IP address blocker for your website:

Sign Up And Create

Sign up to Geolify and create a new ‘Geo Redirect’

Setting Up The Basics

In the ‘Start’ panel, configure a name, description and the landing URL i.e. the URL of your website. You can use the ‘Redirect All Pages ON’ feature to ensure all your pages are blocked. If you select this to OFF, the only the URL specified will be blocked. If you want to temporarily disable the blocking, you can easily select the ‘Redirect Status’ to OFF.

Configuring The IP Blocking Feature

Geolify’s IP blocker is nothing but a redirection service based on IP location. You can use Geolify to configure multiple websites where the visitors will be redirected to. In this case we have configured ‘Geo Redirect 1’ to redirect visitors to ‘’ and ‘Geo Redirect 2’ to redirect visitors to ‘’

The multiple URL feature is useful as you may want to send some IP addresses to one URL for example you may want to send all robots to Google and actual humans to another link of your website that has adds. You can also temporarily disable the IP blocking by individually turning the ‘Geo Redirect’ OFF.

You can see that in the ‘Locations’ list there are multiple IP addresses that are added. All these IP addresses will be redirected to the specified URL, in other words be blocked from your website. There is no limit to the number of IP addresses you can add.

Implementing The IP Blocker In Your Website

Once you have configured Geolify’s IP block, implementing it in your website is a one off process and is fairly simple. All you have to do is copy the ‘Redirect’ javascript code provided either the standard on or the SSL one if you website has SSL incorporate and paste the javascript code in between your website’s HTML HEAD tags.

Testing The IP Blocker

Once the javascript code is pasted, you are done. You never have to add or edit any more coding. A very useful feature is the ‘Test’ service where you can enable a test mode and enter an IP address you want to check to see how the IP blocking by Geolify behaves.

IP Blocking Made Easy!

So there you have it, a full intro into using Geolify to block certain IP addresses to your website. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email using our contact form.


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