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Geolocation Based Content

Geolocation based content is an internet definition utilized to specify content that is related to a particular location which can be a country, region, city or even a suburb. Location based content is content that attracts attention or is highly relevant to a visitor from a particular location.


As the internet expands with millions of websites and ecommerce business, so does the amount of irrelevant content. The internet is flooded with information and people’s attention span these days are rapidly decreasing to the point where it takes less than 5 seconds to convince someone to stay and continue reading a webpage. To convince someone to continue reading a webpage, it is extremely important to display content that is relevant to the visitor. Once such type of content can be content that is relevant to the visitor’s. Location based content will immediately catch the attention of the visitor because he/she will feel the need or importance to read content that provides information in his/her proximity.


A perfect example of location based content is a banner or text displaying the nearest physical store to a visitor in an e-commerce website selling goods. This e-commerce website may have multiple stores in different states. Display the location of all stores, takes up valuable web space which can be used to display other important information. Utilizing a dynamic location based content generator such as Geolify, the only the nearest store address to the visitor will be displayed. This not only reduces valuable web space, but instantly catches the visitor’s attention by making known a physical store is located nearby. This automatically increases the value of your e-commerce site and will greatly improve the chance of a conversion i.e. a sale from the visitor.


Location based content is slowly becoming known to be one of the most important factors for increasing conversion rate and return on investment for a website. People and the internet are heading in a direction of being more ‘local’. As technology and accessibility to the internet improves, more and more local businesses and services are going online. To attract attention of customers in the location of their business, they must find a way to see if visitors to their website are located near them and do their best to catch the attention of potential customers.


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