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Location Based Marketing Using Geo Targeting


The term location based marketing is used when marketing content and techniques ae tailored to target the ‘local’ customer. ‘Local’ meaning a customer in a certain location in the world which can be anywhere from a whole country or a small city.

Location based marketing is a very powerful form of marketing because it provides meaningful information or content that is highly relevant to the visitors location helping to increase the chance of the visitor being influenced by the marketing content.


When a visitor is presented with content that is local and relevant to him/her, the content automatically gains trust in the visitor increasing the likelihood of a click through.


Creating marketing content that is localized can be a challenge especially if your business or website targets numerous locations. Once such challenge is the utilization of space on a website to deliver tailored marketing content to each location your business targets. In other words, you may have different marketing offers to each location your business targets and you can’t display each of these offers at the same time on a website without cluttering.


Now one way to get around this issue is to use ‘dynamic geo targeted content’ i.e. content that can change based on the visitor location. Geolify specializes in helping websites deliver dynamic geo targeted content to help achieve location based marketing goals. Geolify can determine the IP address of your visitors to find out the exact location your visitors are from and deliver tailored content.


Sign up to Geolify today and see how you can achieve your location based marketing goals in a few simple steps.


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