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Non Intrusive Geo Location

Non intrusive geo location as the term suggests is the process of determining a website visitor’s location (country, state & city) seamlessly without informing the visitor that their location is being extracted.┬áNon intrusive geo location can be achieved by obtaining a visitor’s IP address using server side technology and requesting location detail of this IP address from an IP to location database.


This method of obtaining visitor location is widely used by large organizations today to get visitor location allowing them to deliver a more personalized user experience on their website. One such example as we all know is Google search. When you visit, you will most certainly be redirected to the country specific url almost instantaneously. Google is non intrusively obtaining your IP address to determine your location and redirecting you to their country specific website only because it will be more useful for you to search locally than globally.


Non intrusive geo location is a great way to show your local presence to your customers without them having to select or choose which country they are from. Most traditional global websites usually have a country selector tool which adds an additional step for a visitor. This additional step can hinder browsing experience and make it less likely for a visitor to continue surfing your website. Image if Google always made you select your country.


To utilize non intrusive geo location on your website, you will need to obtain an IP to location database. An accurate database is quite expensive to buy and maintain. Along with a database you will need to run server side code to obtain the visitor’s IP and lookup the database making it time consuming to implement.


At Geolify, we have developed a complete client side method which requires no IP to location database to implement. Instead Geolify handles the server side part of determine IP address in it’s own system and looks up its built in IP to location database. As a result you can obtain non intrusively a visitor’s location by using a single line of javascript front end client side code which is compatible with all browsers for both desktops and mobiles.

Geolify is an excellent tool if you need to non intrusively determine a visitor’s location and deliver geo targeted content and url redirects. For example if you wanted to achieve the country based redirection similar to what Google search does, Geolify can be used to implement this in less than 10 minutes with only a single line of code. The entire setup process of redirects is done in Geolify’s dashboard making it very easy to manage your geo location goals.


Non intrusive geo location is becoming the next big thing in marketing. Almost all websites that are up to date with technology and require some local presence are flocking to using geo location to improve their visitor’s experience.



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