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Redirect Visitors Based On IP Address

Redirecting visitor’s based on their IP address more importantly their geolocation is a widely used marketing technique by big multi national companies who operate in various locations. Such companies may have numerous domains or subdomains each dedicated to serve customers at a particular location.

A perfect example is Google. If you visit Google from the United States, you will be taken to If you visit Google from Australia, you will be taken to This is an excellent example of an IP based redirect which is completely not intrusive i.e. it is done automatically without the visitor knowing.

Redirecting visitor’s to location specific domains or subdomains is critical for such companies as the content they server in each of their website’s are dedicated to that particular location. For example people in Australia are more likely to have a better user experience and find what they are looking for in than in

In the past websites used to make use of drop downs to let their visitors select which location they would like to browse. This is now considered a hinderance as it adds an additional step for the visitor to go through before finding the relevant page.

To make use experience friendly and to reduce the number of clicks by the user, websites these days automatically redirect their visitors to the appropriate web pages based on their visit location. This is known as geo redirecting or redirection based on visitor location.

How is this achieved you may ask? These websites utilize IP intelligence to determine the IP address of the visitor and match it with a database that tells which location in the world the IP address is from. By doing this, websites are able to determine the exact location of their visitor and by utilizing a bit of redirect code, they can achieve redirects based on visitor location.

Buying, installing, maintaining and developing code to use an IP to location database and carry out redirects is expensive and time consuming. This is where Geolify comes in.

Geolify’s Geo Redirect tool has been designed to achieve IP based redirecting in just a few simple steps. Without the need of installing an IP database on your website, Geolify can help you redirect your visitors by using a single line of Java code. Just type in the landing URL, the redirect URL and the location of the visitor to activate the redirect and you will get a one line Java code which you paste in your websites HEAD html area. You can easily configure multiple redirects in Geolify’s interface where you can configure each redirect to activate based on a particular location segement.

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