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Redirect Visitors By Country

Redirecting visitors by country is a very useful way of sending visitors from specific countries to your correct web page or sub domain. Often web sites have a country selector tool that lets visitors pick their country, however this creates an additional step for the visitor which may reduce browsing experience. If country based url redirection can be done automatically, then visitors will land on the right web page instantly which helps to improve browsing experience and in turn conversion rate.


To redirect visitors by country, you will need to first obtain their IP address and run it through a IP to location database to extract their country. Once you know their country, you can then apply a set of if..else.. statements which executes a redirect script.


Geolify provides a ‘Geo Redirect’ service as a standard, which is basically a service that allows websites to redirect their visitors based on country, state and city. The entire process of setting up and implementing country based redirects is easy and can be achieved in less than 5 minutes. Below is a screen shot showing how Geolify can be used to create country based url redirects:


Redirect visitors by country


Using Geolify, you can easily create url redirection by country and there is no limitation on the number of redirects you can create. Once you complete setup, you will need to copy the redirection script code and paste it in your website’s HTML HEAD for the redirect to become active.


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