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The way to optimize your website bounce rate efficiently

Your website bounce rate says a lot about how engaged your visitors are with your website content along with how relevant it is to them. In order to own a successful website, it is important that you learn to reduce the bounce rate as much as possible. Reading this article will give you an idea of one of the better ways to go about achieving this.

Let’s discuss the method of reducing your bounce rate effectively and efficiently.

Most websites tend to get 50-80% of the traffic from just 5-20% of their pages. You will make the greatest impact in the least amount of time by focusing on optimizing those 5-20% of pages first.

The first step is to find out which pages those are. You will need to be using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics. Then sort your website pages by highest views. Then take note of the pages you see there with high bounce rates. These are the main pages your website is leaking traffic from and you need to plug those holes!

The next step is learn the reasons people are leaving from your page. Let’s try understand why most users would leave your website assuming they don’t convert whatever your goal is.

One of the main reasons is your website did not provide them the information they were after. Now this is either because your website doesn’t have the information, the users can’t find the information or they don’t like how it’s presented. Try to identify which one of these issues it could potentially be and get creative about how you can solve it. Alternatively, your visitor may have left because they got the information they needed and decided to leave. This could happen because your site doesn’t intrigue them to follow through.

Here are some general ideas you can try in order to fix these above issues

  • Create more engaging content that is personalized
  • Ensure there is a clear pathway for visitors to navigate your site and find what they want
  • Make sure your website look good on all different platforms and browsers

Also a final word, if your website has less than 200-400 people coming to it, unless it’s a really small niche, focus on generating more traffic instead of trying to optimize your site. It’s probably going to be easier to get another 200 people instead of trying to optimize. Plus once you have more people coming, more users means more data which leads to better site optimization.

Geolify’s content geo targeting allows you to create more engaging content. Be creative and see how you can use a user’s location to target banners, text and other content which is more relevant to them. You can learn more by reading our other blog articles.


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