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Using IP Addresses To Determine Visitor Location

When a person surfs the internet, access is provided via a network switch from the users internet provider. Each network switch is given a dedicated IP address which is a unique number that identifies the network access point. If the network switch location is known, the IP address can then be related to the location of the network switch and hence the location of the visitor using the network switch to gain access to the internet.


Usually a range of IP addresses are provided to set of network switches in a common location. For example all network switches in United Kingdom may have an IP range of to 100.100.999.999. If this range is known we can pin point the users location depending on the IP address. IP to Location databases exist that have been built up over several years containing almost all IP address ranges and locations of network switches even down to a city or zip code level.


Geolify utilizes a state of the art IP address location database that is highly accurate down to a city level to provide seamless geo targeting services. Geolify’s database cover’s almost all countries and cities in the world so no matter which location you are trying to geo target, Geolify will provide coverage.


Geolify’s services make it extremely easy for webmaster to determine visitor location using a visitor’s IP address without any coding or IP address database installations. Geolify’s core logic automatically extracts a visitor’s IP address, matches is it up with its inbuilt database and spits out the visitor’s country, region and city using one simple line of Javascript which can be pasted in your website’s HTML.   Sign up today and check out Geolify’s ‘Geo Javascript’ service that can be used to determine visitor location (country, state and city) in a few simple steps.


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