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Website Geo Location URL Redirection

What is Geo Redirection?

URL geo redirection is another term for redirecting a website to another URL based on the location of the visitor to the website.


Google as an example

Google search is a classic example of a website that uses geo redirection. If you visit you will automatically be redirected to your country specific Google search page.

For example if you visit from Australia, you get geo redirected to, if you visit from Canada you get redirected to and so on.


How does geo redirection work?

One thing you will notice when you visit from a specific country and get redirected to Google’s local website is that the whole process occurs automatically. As soon as you type, the browser automatically send you to the country specific domain. This is known as non-intrusive geo redirection.


Geo redirection made easy with Geolify

The reason we developed Geolify is we found the whole process of obtaining visitor location from their IP address and writing customized redirect scripts to be way too difficult and time consuming.

Geolify provides out of the box a very powerful and easy to use geo redirection service that can be implemented on any website in less than 10 minutes at a cost far less than trying to do it yourself.

Currently Geolify provides url redirection:
- Redirect visitor by country
- Redirect visitor by state
- Redirect visitor by city
- Redirect visitor by IP address

All setup of your redirection criteria is carried out in our visual dashboard which means you require no coding experience at all. Our visual editor lets you build multiple url redirects for specific location segments which makes it very powerful in letting you redirect to various urls based on visitor location.
For example, Geolify can be used to carry out the following url redirection by location:

IF a visitor lands on your page –
- IF the visitor is from California, United States, THEN redirect to
- IF the visitor is from Texas, United States, THEN redirect to
- IF the visitor is from Florida or Utah, United States, THEN redirect to

Notice you can create specific location segments for each url that you need to redirect to. There is no limit on the number of urls you can create and the number of location segments you can build. You can also get very creative by using our negative location segments to redirect everyone outside a set of locations.

An example of Geolify’s visual geo redirect editor is shown below:

geo redirection

Once you have completed building your redirection criteria, you can the implement it in one single step. All you need to do is copy the geo redirect code and paste it in between your website’s HTML head tags and the location redirection service will become active on your website.
You can also do cool things such as turn a particular url redirect OFF, or just turn off the entire service with the click of a button.

Once you paste the geo redirect code into your website, you will never have to touch it again. All changes can be made directly in Geolify’s visual dashboard. This makes it an excellent tool to use if you are a web design firm managing work for clients.
Geolify carries out the entire task of determine visitor location from IP address and redirecting appropriately in a matter of milliseconds making it a very powerful location based redirection tool for websites.


Using geo redirection to your advantage

Geo redirection is an awesome way to take advantage of the local nature of web visitors and redirect visitors to more relevant webpages based on their location. It is a web technique that has been in existence for a while however it is vastly underutilized due to it’s high implementation costs. However with Geolify, everyone can now take advantage of url redirection by location for their websites. Whether you are a large organization that needs to redirect customers to local domains or if you are trying to redirect spam visitors from a particular country away from your website, geo redirect is an excellent tool that can improve your overall website.


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