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Frequenlty Asked Questions

The pre paid system is a no contracts, no expiry model where you purchase page views as you go on an as required basis.
Your purchased page views will never expire with time. They will last until completely exhausted. The more you buy upfront the more you save.
Yes this service can be used in unlimited websites making it perfect for use by agencies and marketers.
Yes you can purchase any amount of page views at anytime. Your purchases will be added together. For example you can buy 2x $25 to get 20,000 credits.
You can setup an email alert to send daily emails when your page views drop below a certain threshold.
A page view is basically a request made to our server from our script running in your web pages.
Yes every page visit by any visitor will count as a page view whether they are targeted or not. This is because our server has to be contacted to determine their location in the first place even if the visitor is not targeted.
Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free trial for our paid services.
You can restrict the services to run only on a particular page of your website in order to save page views.
If you are using Geo Redirects, Geo Links, Geo Popups or Geo Bars, it will switch to free mode with our branding applied when credits are exhausted. The Geo Content, Geo Image & Geo Javascript services will stop when credits are exhausted. The Geo Block service is always free to use.