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Using Geo Targeting To Block Visitors by IP Address & Location

Often websites prefer to block certain visitors from surfing their content. This could be simply because the website owner does not want a certain group of users from a particular country, state or city from viewing material on their website. It could even be that the website owner wants to block all overseas visitors to save bandwidth.


For what ever reason a website owner wants to block a certain location group of visitors, one of the easiest ways to do this is to use geo targeting to block visitors by their location.


Using a tool such as Geolify, you can easily determine the location of the visitor to your website and prevent this user from surfing the website. The simplest way to block the visitor is to redirect all your webpages to an empty page so no matter which url the visitor tries to browse, he/she will end up in the redirect page which could just be a blank page with a message saying ‘sorry you have been blocked’.


Blocking visitor by location can be setup in Geolify in a matter of few steps and implemented into your website in just minutes.


To setup a block or in other words a redirect for all url’s for visitors from a certain location, you will need to setup a new ‘Geo Redirect’ service.


Simply enter your website url when requested and check select the option that allows you to redirect all urls in the domain. Once you have done this you can then enter the redirect url which is the blocked page url.


You can then choose to redirect a whole country or a particular state or city in the country. Just type in these details and then save the ‘Geo Redirect’ service.


Once you save the service, you will be give a one line javascript which will need to be pasted in between your website’s HTMLtags for the geo redirect / block to take effect.


So, in a simple few steps you can use Geolify to block visitors from certain locations to your website. If you need to block visitors from more than one location, you can create multiple ‘Geo Redirects’ and paste it in your website.


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