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Change Phone Numbers Based On Visitor Geolocation

Changing your contact phone number on your website to suit a visitor’s geolocation is a great way to improve call through rates to your business. Many businesses today are global or have multiple branches in a country. As a result they have multiple contact phone numbers to serve their span of customers.

A major issue with having multiple phone numbers is how to display them all on a website without causing a clutter. Often a separate page is made with all contact information. This adds an extra step for a website visitor to find a phone number which can lead to a decreased call through rate.

The best call through rates are usually when phone numbers are display right on top of a website in a fairly large sized text. However this is impossible if you have multiple phone numbers for your business.

Geolify can solve this simple issue with our ‘Geo Content’ service. Our ‘Geo Content’ service will let you display relevant phone numbers based on the visitor geolocation. In a few simple steps you can assign locations to each phone number you have and once placed on your website, only the relevant phone number will be displayed. We even offer the option of displaying a default number just incase the visitor location is outside your list or cannot be determined.

Below is a screen shot of our ‘Geo Content’ service showing how to setup geo targeted phone numbers for your website. You will notice we have separate phone numbers for each geolocation along with a default phone number that will appear for locations that have not been specified. You can target phone numbers to country, state and city levels.

How To Create Geo Targered Phone Numbers


Below is also a screen shot from an awesome tool called Geo Peeker that lets you see how your website looks from different locations around the world. You can see how the phone number has changed for each location. You will also notice in Singapore and Ireland, the default phone number is displayed because we have not specified these locations in Geolify’s Geo Content creator.


change phone number based on visitor location


So! there you have it, the easiest way in the world to tailor your phone numbers to your visitor’s location. An excellent way to improve call through rates as you can display the right phone number without the visitor having to click through multiple pages.


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