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Website Personalization

In the last 2 -3 years of web development the plain static style design has started to disappear. Websites now are more rich and dynamic. They are user friendly and personalized to your criteria. You may not notice this, but most big organisations have very dynamic web pages that change based on you. By creating a web page that is tailored to your specifics, these organisations can better capture your attention and in turn convert.


Personalization based on Gender and Age

A persons gender is relatively difficult to obtain from a web point of view. Gender personalization can only be used when you actually sign up for an account within a website and specify your gender. Websites such as e-commerce stores will automatically tailor content displayed to you based on your gender specified in your account. Basically why would an e-commerce website for example selling clothes display women’s clothes if you are a male. The majority of products displayed if you are a male will be male related products as which you are more likely to buy anyway.


Personalization based on Search Engine Keywords

Websites are taking big advantage of the search terms a visitor uses to reach your website. Search terms are fairly easy to detect and many websites are now using search terms to display related banners or advertisements so that you are more likely to stay on the website as what is displayed to you is now much more relevant to your search term.


Personalization based on Visit Duration

The time you spend on a website provides a key relation on how interested you are in the website. If you spend a long time on a particular page of a website, then you most definitely are interested in something on that page. A great example is an e-commerce store. If you spend a much longer time on a particular product page, it means you want to buy that product. Smart websites will start to display discounts related to that specific product as you continue to surf the website. By displaying discounts, they can get your attention and convince you to buy that particular product you were interested in.


Personalization based on Geo Location

Personalizing content based on geo location is much more widely used compared to the rest of the factors mentioned above. Location is a very large personalization factor that can heavily show what the person is interested in. ¬†Google ads for example are highly location specific. What use is it if for example you see a restaurant advert that is located 1000′s of kms from your. A person will always be more attracted to something local which is nearby. Delivering geo content based on geo location can greatly affect conversion rates on websites.


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